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Ultimate Industrial Lockout Kit



A great comprehensive kit ideal for groups/departments. This kit contains equipment for locking off ball valves, gate valves, pneumatic equipment, circuit breakers, toggle switches, electrical isolators, portable equipment and any device that utilises the popular IEC60320 input connector

Kit includes:

1 x SBOX03 Storage box

1 x BS01 Ball valve lockout

1 x BS02 Ball valve lockout

2 x CLKIT Cable lockout

4 x MLH1 Lockout hasp

8 x TT38RED Individual safety padlocks

1 x Each circuit breaker lockout CB01 to CB16, UCL1, UCL2, UCL5, S2391, S2390

1 x CLT1, CLT2 lockout cleats

3 x BS11 Pneumatic lockout

1 x YSLB1 Lockout bag

1 x LP770 plug lockout

1 x IEC connector lockout

1 x V480 Gate valve lockout

1 x V481 Gate valve lockout

1 x V482 Gate valve lockout

3 x LSE10T Pack of 10 safety tags

1 x RWPT01 non-permanent marker


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